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The Future of Garbage Trucks

The days of waking up to the garbage truck are over. Wrightspeed has developed an electric powertrain kit that can be installed in garbage trucks.  Not only is this technology very quiet, its also tremendously efficient and better for the environment. Based on a Q & A w/ Ian Wright and, Here are five ways Ian and his team at Wrightspeed got it right.


1)   Management – Ian Wright is not new to starting businesses. He was one of the founders of Tesla Motors. Imagine if his garbage truck drives anything like a Tesla Model S?

2)   Target Market – Of the 2.2 million medium-duty trucks in the US [Class 3 to 6, 11,000 to 26,000 pounds], about 10 percent of those get a new powertrain every year. That’s 250,000 new engines and transmissions per year.

3)   Financial Savings – The average full-size garbage truck is doing about a thousand stops a day, and they’re hard stops – they’re triggering the ABS on most of the stops. They’re doing about 130 miles a day. They’re doing 2.8 miles per gallon. Putting Wrightspeed’s powertrain in there can save about $35,000 a year in fuel per chassis, and another $8,000 in maintenance for the truck.

4)   Innovation – Regenerative braking allows the Wrightspeed powertrain to capture forward momentum and use the energy to charge the onboard batteries.

5)   Sustainability – Wrightspeed electric powertrains include a turbine generator that charges the batteries used for powering the electric motors on the wheels. Turbines are amazingly clean engines. They far exceed the emissions requirements in the strictest states across the country. These turbines do not even require a muffler or exhaust system.


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